I suppose it goes without saying: I am not a medically-trained professional and thus am not giving any medical advice with regard to anybody else’s allergies or other health concerns. The same can be said about DH, Dan, who may also post.

Having said that, I will use this blog to share what works for us as a family as we manage a bunch of allergies, namely gluten, dairy, egg, tree nuts (other than coconut), peanuts, and sesame. My son (‘DS’ for “dear son”) has the aforementioned allergens and our kitchen is free of these ingredients.

The recipes and ingredients highlighted here are recipes and the ingredients we’ve used successfully (i.e. everyone in the family loves ’em, and no one has had any allergic reactions). Depending on your own sensitivities and allergy situation, your outcome may be different. As it goes with everything on the Web (and in life), your mileage may vary.

Advertising, Endorsements, and Sponsorship

The purpose of this blog isn’t to make money. We’ll sell cook books and start a TV show if we want that.

We don’t endorse products for money. We buy for our own use the ingredients we highlight in this blog and the kitchen tools you may see in our photos. We won’t guarantee to any person or company that we’ll post about free samples they may send us (nobody has as of April 2016) or that we’ll be nice if we do. If we receive a free sample — along with specific assurances about that food’s safety for DS — we will clearly disclose that fact in the relevant post.

As of April 2016 we don’t have advertisements on this blog. We are editorially independent so, even if we did accept advertisements, we wouldn’t consider those advertisers’ feelings or interests in the editorial content we post. We also don’t accept so-called “native advertising,” where seemingly normal content is actually an advertisement/endorsement in camouflage and often written by the advertiser.

OK. ‘Nuf of that stuff. Let’s get back to the food! 🙂

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