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Bone Stock

Bone stock is one of the most important components of any meat-based soup and a special flavor enhancer for many other recipes. It’s also generically referred to as ‘stock’ in this blog, many cookbooks, and likely a good number of your most cherished family recipes. Unfortunately, most processed stock sold in stores contains allergens such as dairy or… Continue reading Bone Stock



It’s been difficult returning. A month turned into two, then a year, a second, and, voila, three years. I recently winced inside – and hopefully not visibly – when I saw a baby at the local Target store. His face was red, peeling, and crusty around the edges, and he looked very much like our… Continue reading Delayed


In Our Cart: 5/13

We avoid most food products at Costco (and other grocery stores) due to allergies. In case it helps someone else,  here are the things we got in our latest trip. All we’ve verified “safe” for Sprout. In our cart: 1) case Green Giant whole kernel sweet corn 2) Sun-Maid raisins 3) Wild Planet, Pacific Sardines… Continue reading In Our Cart: 5/13