How to Read the Recipes

Each recipe will comprise the following:

Introductory notes
This is where I yammer on and on about the dish, the recipe, and its significance.

Obviously, here’s where I’ll list the stuff I use to make the dish. I generally will list a non-branded, generic description of the ingredient: rice flour, sugar, salt, etc. unless a specific brand is required.

If a particular brand is required (i.e. there is no equivalent substitute I’ve used), I will list the specific brand and product name. For example, I frequently use Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free All-Purpose Baking Mix. Since the flour blend is proprietary, and since I haven’t yet found an equivalent substitute, I list the branded product name whenever I use it.)

And, in case you’re interested, here are some common abbreviations, terms, and notations I use:

t = teaspoon
T = tablespoon
c = cup
qt = quart
F = Fahrenheit
” = inches
‘ = feet
scant = slightly less than
opt = optional
doz = dozen

It goes without saying this is where I’ll tell you how to make the dish. (“Pour that! Knead this! Chop that!) 😉

Here, you’ll find out how much food this recipe produces.

Look for helpful, detailed, somewhat long-winded notes that provide further detail or additional info about the recipe. Mostly, these are notes to myself so I don’t accidentally perform the same experiment twice (“Gee, what would happen if I removed the xanthan gum?”) or make the same mistake twice.

Ingredient Sources – What I Use
This is a very important section. I do wonder if I should move this section up…. Anyhow, in this section, I list the brand names of the products I use to make the dish. I get pretty annoyed whenever allergen- and/or gluten-free recipe cookbooks and websites simply state you must use, say, a gluten-free alternative, but fail to tell you what gluten-free options exist. That’s why I list what I use — to let people know the actual brands I use (and to ensure I myself don’t forget – LOL).

For example, some of my recipes call for “gluten-free, Vietnamese style fish sauce” in the Ingredients section. If you scroll down to the bottom of the recipe post and look under the “Ingredient Sources” section, you’ll find I’ve listed Tra Chang as the brand of fish sauce I use. And, if I’ve discussed at length this particular ingredient and/or product in a previous Ingredient Spotlight post (as I have with Tra Chang), I’ll link the brand name to that post.

This section tells you who put together this recipe.


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