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Hobo Joe Hash Browns

Hobo Joe Hash Browns

I vividly remember the first time I had hash browns. My Aunt Rose had taken my mom, my brothers, and her daughter, my cousin Sabrina, to Hobo Joe’s, a chain eatery that no longer exists in Los Angeles. Aunt Rose ordered hash browns, and my, they were dee-lightful! The texture was light, ever so slightly crispy on the outside yet soft and tender and the inside, the color was a lovely golden brown, and the taste was lighthearted yet earnest in note. I LOVED them! Hobo Joe’s no longer exists, but my memory — and these potatoes — still do.

  • baking potatoes (e.g. Russet)
  • onions (opt.)
  • sea salt
  • freshly ground black pepper (opt.)
  • olive oil

Finely shred potatoes. Shred onions into medium size strips. Set onions aside. Put potatoes in water and cover with water. Add several generous pinches of salt. Mix salt into water by gently massaging potatoes. Can refrigerate till ready to use.
When ready to cook, drain potatoes and squeeze out excess moisture. Return potatoes to bowl and cover with fresh water. Gently mix potatoes in water to rinse. Drain and squeeze dry. Add onions (opt), salt, and black pepper (opt). Mix by hand.
Heat skillet on medium-low to medium. Add a generous coating of oil. Add potato/onion mixture in amounts that will make manageable sized patties. Potato/onion mounts should sizzle upon contact. Flatten to patties with spatula. When lightly browned, flip over, flatten, and cook till lightly browned. Repeat till all potatoes are cooked, add oil between batches as necessary. Serve immediately.
Varies depending on the amount of potatoes used.
Ingredient Sources – What I Use

  • black pepper – McCormick, Spicely
  • olive oil – Whole Foods 365, Costco Kirkland Signature