non sequitur

Aim for a Dog….

Sleeping Dog

“Aim for a dog who is alert while the child is busy reading labels.”

The above sentence is what I apparently wrote late one night while writing the intro notes to the Caramelized Shrimp with Garlic and Shallots recipe. I must have nodded off through the night, coming to just enough to compose what appears to be a drug-induced (or sleep-deprived-induced) statement. It was really weird. Suddenly I woke up (but had not realized I’d ever been asleep) to find that strange sentence staring back at me. Even odder is the fact that the sentence had no misspellings and was grammatically correct. Apparently I can spell, capitalize, and conjugate (but not actually make any sense) while asleep.
BTW, this is a picture of James, a boonie-ish dog who recently adopted us. He’s an awesome dog — super smart, well-behaved, and great with children. He’s also beautiful and full of personality.
James is but one of the many so-called “boonie” dogs that roam Saipan. These dogs are descendants of the dogs brought over by the U.S. military to sniff out Japanese soldiers during World War II.